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“A Composer’s Perspective on Compositions”  by Shaun Choo

Steinway Thailand is presenting a Piano Workshop for piano teachers striving for a deeper understanding of a composer’s music, logically explained from the perspective of a composer. 
Learn how to discern a piece’s character based on accurate deduction of the score, and how to approach the music first from a pedagogical standpoint, then converting it into practice. 

Singaporean Classical Pianist, Composter and Teacher, Shaun Choo will break down and analyze examples of music with intense emotion, and figure out its character traits (and how to enhance them).  Participants will look at basic compositional techniques, explore how different musical properties affect the resulting character, with various examples demonstrated, and consider ‘what if’ things were written differently, how the resulting character changes. 

Piano teachers will learn how to point out elements in the score that students should be aware of during interpretation, drawing their focus to important aspects which define a certain passage of music. 

Full Biography of Shaun Choo can be found here


(Event will be live-streamed via Zoom platform)

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